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Alonso : A Nightmare Qualifying and Race Bad luck for the Spaniard, when the team’s weather predictions go wrong. Baad rain has stuced him in 19th on the grid. But the things weren’t got better for the race, when his gearbox broke just before the race got underway. He nevertheless put up a very good fight and made his way up to ninth when bad luck hit him again. With just 2 laps to go. “From the start things went wrong,” he told Spanish television. “On the formation lap my gearbox broke and I had no clutch during the race, so I had to brake in a weird way. “I had to first gear down and then push the throttle hard so it would engage the gear for that corner. “So it was probably the hardest race of my whole life in terms of driving, because I had to improvise for every corner. But even so we were going to get a few points, which in the end was not possible because of the engine. “But if the gearbox and then the engine are going to break, it’s better than in happens when you are ninth than when you are leading and you lose 25 points.” He added: “A tough weekend. Sometimes it’s us, sometimes it’s other. You have to take the opportunities.”

April 5, 2010
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